Monday, 15 February 2010

Saint Milburg, Abbess of Wenlock

I visited this priory in the summer 2009. It was founded as an Anglo-Saxon monastery in around 680 by King Merewalh of Mercia. Merewalh's daughter Milburge was an abbess there. She was said to have power over birds and the ability to perform miracles and was consequently hailed as a saint. The monastery was then later re-founded by the Normans as a Cluniac priory which is what remains today. St Milburg's relics were rediscovered at the priory in 1101 which made it a popular destination for pilgrims.

Fascinating details: Surviving decorative stonework and floor tiles

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Also See:
Dockray-Miller, Mary, Motherhood and mothering in Anglo-Saxon England , (St Martins Press: New York, 2000)

All photographs were taken by me in 2009.

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