Saturday, 17 April 2010

Damnable Practices of 3 Lincolnshire witches PART 2

Damnable Practises
Of three Lincolne-shire Witches, Joane Flower, and her two Daughters,

Margret and Phillip Flower, against Henry Lord Rosse, with others the Children of the Right Honourable the Earle of Rutland, at Beaver Castle, who for the same were executed at Lincolne the 11. of March last. CONTINUED..

3 witches in one family it was never going to end well. In this second and final part will the Earls son survive?

'Beaver' Castle today

YEt did this noble minded Earle,
     so patiently it beare:
As if his childrens punishments,
     right natures troubles were:
Suspecting little, that such meanes,
     against them should be wrought,
Untill it pleas'd the Lord to have
     to light these mischiefes brought.
For greatly here the hand of God,
     did work in justice cause:
When he for these their practises
     them all in question drawes.
And so before the Magistrates,
     when as the yongest came,
Who being guilty of the fact
     confest and told the same.
How that her mother and her self,
     and sister gave consent:
To give the Countesse and her Lord,
     occasions to repent
That here they turnd her out of doors,
     in such vile disgrace:
For which, or them or theirs should be,
     brought into heavy case.
And how her sister found a time,
     Lord Rosses glove to take:
Who gave it to her mothers hand
     consuming spells to make.
The which she pricked all full of holes,
     and laid it deep in ground:
Whereas it rotted, so should he,
     be quite away consum'd.
All which her elder sister did,
     acknowledge to be true:
And how that she in boiling blood,
     did oft the same imbrew,
And hereupon the yong Lord Rosse,
     such torments did abide:
That strangely he consum'd away,
     untill the hour he died.
And likewise she confest how they,
     together all agreed:
Against the children of this Earle,
     to practise and proceed.
Not leaving them a child alive,
     and never to have more:
If witchcraft so could doe, because,
     they turnd them out of dore.
The mother as the daughters told,
     could hardly this deny:
For which they were attached all,
     by Justice speedily.
And unto Lincoln City borne,
     therein to lye in Jail:
Untill the Judging Sizes came,
     that death might be their bail.
But there this hatefull mother witch,
     these speeches did recall:
And said that in Lord Rosses death,
     she had no hand at all.
Whereon she bread and butter tooke,
     God let this same (quoth she)
If I be guilty of his death,
     passe never thorough me.
So mumbling it within her mouth,
     she never spoke more words:
But fell downe dead, a judgment just
     and wonder of the Lords.
Her Daughters two their trials had,
     of which being guilty found,
They died in shame, by strangling twist,
     and laid by shame in the ground.
Have mercy Heaven, on sinners all,
     and grant that never like
Be in this Nation knowne or done,
     but Lord in vengeance strike:
Or else convert their wicked lives
     which in bad wayes are spent:
The fears of God and love of heaven,
     such courses will prevent.

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