Friday, 27 August 2010

Some of my fellow history bloggers

*Other* blogs you may enjoy,
happy reading!


The Medieval World  This is my friends fabulous blog which she started fairly recently, she’s a great writer! As the title suggests its theme is everything medieval.

Got Medieval A popular blog, (you can even buy merchandise!), it has a humorous take on the period for example it has medieval ‘personals’ and lately there has been some guest posts making fun of bad medieval films.

Medieval Wall  This is another fairly new blog, I love the design and the posts so far are very detailed and informative.

The East and the West in the Middle Ages: Crusades and Crusaders  I just discovered this blog but it has obviously been around for a while, there is a lot of information about the crusades, maps and individual crusades.

Early Modern

Early Modern History  This is frequently updated and is a gateway for early modern blogs and information.

Fragments  This is a well established and regularly updated blog which has loads of fabulous, often amusing and always interesting posts surrounding the period.

LOL Manuscripts!  This is a blog which takes woodcuts from the period and edits them in a humorous manner.

The Gentleman Administrator  I have placed this blog under early modern as it has much related content but it also has other general musings I enjoyed a post recently called ‘Nostalgia Vs History’.

Anna's History Blog  describes itself as ‘Covering everything between 1500 and 1800 in Britain and beyond’ which pretty much sums it up. I like that she keeps abreast of current historical fiction as well.

Women's History

About Women's History  This is from it is not defined by any time period but is a useful and interesting read for women’s history and includes medieval and early modern content.

History and Women  Describes itself as a ‘celebration of women - glorious, sinful, shocking’ it contains many bios of females from history and is not defined by any century so it contains a wealth of interesting characters.

Art History

BibliOdyssey  I love this blog it post lots of amazing historical images from books; a feast for the eyes (hee hee)

Alberti's Window  Posts about individual pieces from all periods, also current news and issues on the subject ect.

Obviously this post contains only a handful of the history blogs out there- other quality blogs are available!

Illustration: Jean-Honor√© Fragonard,  A young girl reading, c.1776.

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