Saturday, 5 November 2011

Early Modern Alphabet: A

Every week, or maybe more, I will be showcasing a letter from the alphabet, not just any old letter though! it shall be one of the many lavishly illustrated letters which can be found in early modern books and pamphlets. I really enjoy these little works of art and think that they deserve to be viewed in their own in the style of Sesame's letter is A and....well thats it.

A bit of an aquatic theme to kick of my Early Modern Alphabet. These two figures are probably representatons of Triton and Scylla from Greek mythology. I like what looks like water gushing out the top of the A.


  1. Nice Blog! Congratulations.
    See my letter V (for Venus)
    I use it as title vignette for my website 'Venus Iconography'
    It is a print from the series 'Figurales Alphabet vor antiken Figuren' by BODENEHR, Moritz (1665 Augsburg-1749 Dresden) after a drawing by Samuel BOTTSCHILD/ Braunschweig, HAUM/ inv 1696

  2. Just found your blog-- nice feature about the letters! I am also interested in initial letters, and wrote a post about them here (second half of the post)

    1. Oooh thanks I will check that out :-)