Friday, 5 July 2013

Ideas Roadshow Interview with J. H. Elliott

I've been contacted recently by the people at the multimedia magazine Ideas Roadshow as their June issue features an interview with early modern historian Sir John Huxtable Elliott. Normally publishing under J.H. Elliott, he has produced several major pieces of  research in Spanish history, winning him a clutch of awards and prizes. In this informative interview many aspects of researching history are covered by Elliott who gives insights into what it means to be a historian, the practicalities of research and why he chose early modern Spanish history. The video can be viewed on the Ideas Roadshow website and the transcript is also available as an ebook (please note registration is required).

 'The whole point of a historian is to reconstruct, as imaginatively as you can, with all the insights you can get on the basis of the available evidence, and see if you can give a picture that’s as true as is possible, given all those preconditions. And it’s a difficult job and it’s a constant challenge to all of us, all the time, whatever we’re writing about.'

-John H. Elliott, The Passionate Historian: A Conversation with John Elliott, Ideas Roadshow, 28 June 2013.

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